A Requiem for Quake-hit Japan 2011

A Requiem for Quake-hit Japan 2011

When the earth violently shakes

Thousands of dear lives it takes

The quake that came hand in hand with waves

Path for death and destruction paves


March 11, 2011 was a cursed day

For the body of Japan in shreds lay

Giant waves found their way

And carried lands and homes away


In the city of Sendai, the earth cracked

And life at large was racked

Cars and cruises became toys

As in the hands of wanton boys


8.9 was the scientific measure

Of the tremor which took its pleasure

Water, fire and chaos was everywhere

Cries to the skies started from there


To learn one Japanese word – Tsunami

Thousands of lives were lost – Oh Swami!

When the souls of the dear ones departed

The hearts of men living were united


Japan is getting aftershocks

Its nuclear plant blasts

Its refinery burns

The earth perhaps has not stopped its mocks


Everything has a Cause

An undeniable ‘Because’

May God give it a pause

And let it recover from  all the loss


Life is like a wave

It comes and goes

But unity should stay

Despite all destruction in the way

And let us all pray.


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